Your administrator for three generations

Studio D’Andola is the ideal consultant for your real estate and property. We are available to explain every detail of the law related to the condominium. It is not easy to put forward one’s arguments and needs within an assembly and for this reason the help and assistance of a professional can really make the difference.

Therefor Studio D’Andola provides a complete, 360-degree consultancy; offering both technical, legal and  administrative advise. An added bonus is the fact that you will find all this in one place. Our company is organised in different departments with specialised operators dedicated to specific tasks. A young, professional and capable  team is available to take on any task.

The Management deals with the acquisition of data and accounting edits as well as the verification of the digital archives, oversees the management of the various departments and their activities, and coordinates the client communication in collaboration with front office, The maintenance department oversees the coordination of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and deals with the various partners, companies and suppliers, in collaboration with the head of the technical department. The legal department deals with debt collection, the legal disputes and litigation of the condominium and it’s members and everything related to the handling of condominium credit such as the accounting of payments of condominium members.

The Real Estate department is always at hand to assist and accompany our customers when selling, buying and renting out their properties through its network of condominium members, clients and customers. 

The directors and owners of Studio D’Andola; Giacomo and Bernardo Marco D’Andola manage and coordinate the departments and manage the staff.

Paper is reduced to the bare minimum thanks to our fully digitalized systems. Any document or accounting detail relating to the condominium is available online.

All the condominium members are able to consult their instalments due, payments made and all  documents related to the condominium, as well as check the underlying documentation that make up the financial statements and the bank transactions made by of the administrator while monitoring in real time the activities such as ordinary maintenance and extraordinary “